Integration with Treasury

In Manual challan submission process, lessee does the treasury challan of certain amount towards the advance payment of Application, TP Book Cost & Royalty.

The Lessee deposit the challan in the circle Deputy Director of Mines office. The accountant keeps a Books of accounts in 3 heads for each Lessee.

Whenever the Lessee/ Licensee sends request for Issue of transit Permit or Pass, the accounts section deduct the payable amount from the Advance Payment.

In the Process, the Lessee / Licensee do not have facility to track their balance amount & the payments made as on date unless until they get the details from the accountants.

So to solve these issues, department has taken an initiative to integrate the Govt. Treasury Portal with i3MS for online Payment.

After integration of i3MS, Treasury Portal is able capture the Payment details from i3MS, generate e Challan after getting successful transaction confirmation from Bank

In the Process, the benefit to Lessee is , no Advance Payment to Govt. & able to track his account in terms of Application fees, TP Book Cost, Royalty Paid to the Department.

Integration with Railway (FOIS):

Most of the Mineral transportation done through railway siding to dispatch out side the circle or outside the state. For Rake indenting Railway need the details of Permit issued to the Lessee/ licensee.

So Railway Board need to capture the details of Permit from i3MS application through integration with FOIS. After integration of both the system, railway will provide the RR details, through which actual quantity of mineral can be captured.

Commercial Tax (VATIS)

The Mines or Mineral Traders are registered under VAT and CST Act  of Odisha. Similarly the Mines/ Mineral Traders are registered under OMPTS Rule 2007 for Procure/Dispatch Mineral. The Mines/ Mineral Traders are asked TIN, on which basis they are allowed to do mining or trading activity in Odisha.

At any point of time Mines/Mineral Traders should have valid TIN. Cross check of TIN validity can be possible from other data source through electronic data exchange . Hence i3MS & VATIS databases are integrated for TIN validity by using data exchange Services Apart from TIN Validity, other information are shared for facilitating the Traders to generate waybill.


As per the MCDR Amendment, the mineral carrying vehicle registration indicated that, "For the purpose of regulation of transportation of minerals, all persons and companies owning trucks or any other motorized vehicle used for transportation of mineral by road or through water way shall be required to be registered with the Directorate of Mines and Geology".

The objective is to validate the authenticity of Mineral Carrying Vehicles in terms of their Road Tax validity, Permit Validity, Fitness Validity and any violation committed. To prevent illegal mineral transportation there is a module developed for registering mineral carrying vehicles and the vehicles which will be validated through the Road Transport Authority commercial vehicle database for inside State vehicles and State Transport Agency commercial vehicle database for outside State vehicles.

The vehicles will be validated by the help of vehicle registration number, engine number and chassis number from Road Transport Authority database or State Transport Authority database. After validation the status of road tax, permit validity and fitness validity of each vehicle will be shown in registration chart. The vehicles which are valid in all respect for them system will allow to carry mineral. There will be a provision to check the mineral validity all the time and if any violation or validity is lapses, the disallow indicator will show to the stake holders.


All exports and inland shipment needs to be made online. The permit and pass issued towards the exporters and industries will be automated at the source and destination. The different mineral received at the port needs to be captured online and different reports will be generated showing import/export monthly return data and will also illustrate the end destination with shipping details. Due to the proposed application the mineral stock positions can be track online at each level.


The objective is to use SMS gateway for sending instant message to the concerned stake holders of the application. The instant messaging system is very effective and communicative medium within the stake holders of the application. There are various types of stake holders involved in the application. It is essential to have a good communication medium for effective productivity within the stake holders at each level. By using SMS gateway facility, the system can send as many as SMS as an instant communication.