New/Renewal of Mineral Trading License



To start mineral trading, any individuals, firms , registered companies, mines can apply online for new license in a prescribed form named as "Form A". The licensee validity period is 2 years from the date of issue. In case of expiry of the licensee, the applicant can apply online in a prescribed form named as "Form A1" before 90 days of the expiry . For both new/renewal license is issued in "Form D". After login in i3MS, under left menu the given links are available to apply for license.

Module Workflow

Module Workflow

The applicant can submit online request for getting new/renewal of license. only the registered user can submit request after login into i3MS. The applicant who are not registered till date, they need to register themselves to get i3MS login user Id and password.

When applying for mineral trading license, applicant need to submit scanned support documents along with the mineral name and source of procurement. The required application fees can only be paid through online payment. The acknowledgement (Form B) will be generated online after forwarding the application for physical verification to verifying authority.

Approval Procedure

After receiving the online request, initial verification is done by concerned DDM/MO. DDM/MO, forwarded the request to verifying authority by selecting the name for field verification. The acknowledgement of receiving the request "Form-B" is generated automatically and visible to the applicant. The applicant can get "Form B" from his/her login in i3MS. After physical verification the verification report is uploaded by the verifying authority and forwarded the request to DDM/MO for final approval. As per the Odisha Mineral Rule 2007, DDM/MO issues Terms and Conditions document for acceptance by the applicant. The acceptance of Terms and Conditions uploaded by the applicant . After submission of security deposit pledged copy, final approval is done by DDM/MO.