Mineral Carrying Vehicle Registration


As per the amended Rule 45 of Mineral Conservation & Development Rules (MCDR) guideline all State Government has to register mineral carrying vehicle. The state of Odisha may have 50,000 trucks that are engaged for mineral carrying from source to destination. There may be trucks from other States which are also carrying minerals from Odisha. Since Commerce & Transport Department has database of all Trucks, it was decided that the Directorate of Mines will facilitate online registration of the truck owners and their vehicles by getting it verified electronically from the Transport database.

To facilitate this a work flow based process is installed in i3MS where the truck owners furnish the vehicle particulars on i3MS portal after registering themselves into the system. Verification of Trucks is done online with RTO on 3 parameters.

  • If found in order, additional information is pulled automatically i.e
  • If found in order , the Truck owner is sent SMS to pay Rs.500/- per Truck ( online to DTI).
  • The owner is allowed to print the certificate on approval of Director.
  • ePass to get be generated for truck registered, Auto updation from RTO to be done daily.
  • If status on Permit & Road Tax found negative, ePass can not be generated.

Registration Workflow

The truck owners are categorized into "Inside Odisha", "Inside Odisha having National Permit" and "Outside Odisha having National Permit". All kind of trucks are required to registered in i3MS for verification of their fitness from concerned department databases either online or offline. The National Permit vehicles will be verified from STA database manually, which is a offline database and other vehicles will be verified from RTO database online. As a result on the basis of the validity, the valid trucks will be allowed to carry mineral.

Truck Validation

After update the truck details, system has the automated process to check from RTO database whether the Road Permit, Road Tax & Fitness validity is available or not. According the RTO database throws back the data availability against each truck to i3MS. The applicant can see their status. The outside state trucks does not have any data with RTO, hence it is decided that a login will be provided to the State Transport Authority for them to validate the same from the files available with them

The truck Owners are categories in 3 types
  1. Odisha Permit
  2. Odisha Origin National Permit (NP)
  3. Outside Odisha National Permit (NP)

All are required to apply online where for verification.

Odisha Permit :- Gets validated online with RTO database.

Odisha Origin (NP) :- NP gets validated on data sent by NIC every week on email. Thereafter additional data is pulled from RTO database.

Outside Odisha (NP) gets physically validated at State Transport Authority.


The trucks which are valid from required parameters will go for self approved. The approved truck number will be available in truck database and allowed to carry mineral from any source.

In the other case, if any parameter of the truck is not valid, those will be on hold till getting confirmation from RTO database.

Outside State vehicles

Outside state vehicle owners have to provide the following additional details :
  • Permit No. & Validity (along with softcopy)
  • Road Tax Validity
  • Fitness Validity
  • RC Book Number (along with the softcopy)

The applicant generates print out of the details, gets it verified at the STA and deposits it at the Directorate of Mines. After approval from Director of Mines, applicant is eligible for online payment for registration through DTI Portal which is acknowledged by a Bank Transaction ID & Reference Challan Number. On successful payment, Director of Mines provides approval and issues the Mineral Carrying Certificate. The status of the application is communicated to the applicant through Email & SMS.