RFID Based Mineral Tracking System

Hybrid solution is required where dependency on connectivity is minimal

  • RFID card to carry info. From Mine to check gate.
  • RFID reader at Check gate to collect information and CUG towers to transmit to central server for updation.
  • Verification by the officials any where through SMS.
  • Bar Coded Transit Permit.

Weighing at Mines

  • The Govt. staff ( checking Staff) will be required to fill up the Transit Pass as is operating at present.
  • Apart from this, he will enter the vital information in an application
    • Truck number
    • Transit Permit number and Date
    • Weight of carrier
    • Tare weight of the carrier
    • Name of the carrier owner
  • The system will create a sequence of encrypted data and push it to the RFID card. The RFID card will be provided to each truck owner.
  • Then the RFID along with the TP copy will be returned to the Carrier Owner.
  • The information on the RFID card will always be updated and previous data will be erased before new data is written on it. One Card can be reused 1,00,000 times.
  • Each card will cost about RS. 55/- and can carry up to 4 KB.

Check Gates

  • The information entered to the RFID card at the Mines Weight Bridge will be updated at the central server.
  • When the truck enters the Check Gate, the checking staff will collect the Transit Pass copy and RFID card from the carrier driver for inspection.
  • At the same time the weight of the carrier will be taken on the weight bridge.
  • There will be one RFID Card reader that will capture the information stored in it.
  • This data will be cross verified with the Transit Permit copy, actual weight as well as with the central server.
  • Also the data will be transferred to the central server.

Railway Siding

  • Before dumping minerals at the railway siding the carriers should have checked by the check gate.
  • This check gate will have same process as mentioned in other check gates
  • While checking the truck data will be updated in the central server as well
  • Once data updated system can generate MIS of mineral transported through railway siding