Transporter Registration


As per the Notification No. IV(A)SM-66/2012-5875/SM dated 13-08-2012, the transporting agent means any person or company who engages directly in the business of transportation of Coal and other minerals by Road from the source of mineral to the destination point for end use or export. The new user needs to be registered in i3MS portal before applying for license. After submission of the registration form, i3MS will generate login credential for the applicant. By the use of login credential, the user logs into i3MS to apply for Transportation Certificate.

Module Workflow

The person or company shall have a valid license as collecting and forwarding agent granted under rule 3 of the Odisha Motor Vehicles (Licensing of Agents) Rule 1993. A Certified copy is required to uploaded online, received from competent authority, that the person or company is not involved in any illegal mining activities.

Approval process for Licensee

The applicant submits online request by attaching scanned support document and online treasury payment of Rs. 5000/- as an application fees for transportation registration certificate. The applications received by DDM/MO of the concerned circle.

Then DDM/MO issue terms & condition for acceptance by the applicant. The applicant needs to download the terms & condition and security deposit pledging form. The applicant is required to upload acceptance of Terms & Condition within 7 days along with security deposit of Rs.50,000/- (fifty thousand ). Then acceptance of both hard copy of Terms & Conditions and security deposit certificates are submitted at the DDM/MO of the concern circle. Then the DDM/MO will issue a transportation registration certificate to the applicant which will have validity for 2 years from the date of issue. After expiry, the applicant and apply online for renewal of Transporter registration certificate.

How this Works

In i3MS portal while issuing transit pass one needs to select the Transport Contractor and the Truck associated .