Weight Bridge Approval


At the mines and mineral trading end mineral loading point is the origin, from where mineral dispatches to the destination. As per Odisha Mineral Rule 2007, each mineral carrying vehicle should take tare weight , gross weight and shown in e-Transit Pass before vehicle moves to the destination.

On this regards, WB Approval is mandatory, the Lessee and Licensee needs to apply online.

Module Workflow

After submission of the online request, the concerned circle receives the application and initiate the approval process. The online request is forwarded to the concerned DDM/MO for field verification and submit the verification report. After physical verification of the weigh bridge site, DDM/MO submits verification report online for next level approval. Then the verification report and request details is received by Deputy Director of Mines (DDM) – Head Quarter (HQ). DDM (HQ) goes through the details of verification report submitted by Circle DDM/MO and recommended to the Director of Mines for Final Approval by forwarding the request.

Approval Process

The module will have facilities to allow authority to send queries online which will automatically be visible to the applicant for submission of explanation through the online system. Then the request will be approved by the Director of Mines as a final approval. The applicant can download the weigh bridge approval certificate in i3MS login. Once the Director of Mines approved the request the WB will be tagged to the applicant, which can be used in e-Pass. Then the same weigh bridge will be integrated with the e Pass system to capture mineral weight from the digitizer.

Application Output